Turquoise Table – Now What?

I took took the table out on the deck and scrubbed it hard with one of those green scrub pads. it took off a lot of paint, and I winced as I watched the cool turquoise color that I liked so much flaking off onto the ground. Luckily there was enough that didn’t flake off to still keep that charm. I found another olive green paint under there, and I didn’t mind it.

Now what?

I looked all over the place for a pre-made table top and could find nothing that would fit the 15 1/2″ square minimum. Chris helped by tearing a piece of wood off of a camera enlarger base. He says it’s some sort of wood plywood. He cut me a piece 16 1/2″ so that it can overhang. He also sanded the edges for me making me smile.

I want to find something funky to put on top, like maybe a jewel chest or something but so far nothing fits it quite right. I think I will let it sit for awhile and see what comes up. In the meanwhile it sits ready to put together, if I choose to just let it be a table.

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